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Learning from innovative organizing in California’s Inland Region

Jul 9, 2021 | 1min

Credit: Alianza and Starting Over, Inc.

The Inland Region has a powerful history of innovative organizing, in this session we heard from racial, economic and housing justice organizers.

We extend our gratitude and thanks for everyone, especially community partners and organizers that made July’s Virtual Learning Session in Southern California’s Inland Region possible.

During this three day event, we heard from grassroots leaders, workers, and people directly impacted by the intersecting conditions in the region. We hope you were able to join, and if not, that you will reach out to learn how you can learn more and fund movement partners so they can continue to build community power.

The rich history of powerful organizing in a heavily racist environment has made the Inland Region a unique place where leaders continue to develop innovative and inspiring strategies to combat poverty, exclusionary housing policies, climate and environmental crises, and racism.

The Fund for an Inclusive California and Neighborhood Funders Group are honored to partner with the amazing organizations leading the fight for racial, economic, housing, and environmental justice in the Inland Region, and to have co-designed the virtual learning visit for funders and philanthropic support organizations in July 2021.

As the U.S. begins to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, the innovations and organizing power of the Inland region’s social movements makes it a strategic community for deep investment.

For funders interested in this session: This event was for funders, philanthropy networks and affinity groups, community groups organizing in Southern California’s Inland region, and invited guests only. Video recordings of the panels from the event are available. If you are a funder who is interested in accessing these recordings, please email